[Exclusive explain] maintenance and diagnosis codes in the Dail devices the DELL Self Test

Maintenance and diagnosis devices Dail codes in the

Self Test


After a long pause, revert, God willing, put explanations again ..

In this issue we see how we track holidays through symbols that we see in most of the Dail devices that feature the Adat statement described in the previous image in the event of problems with the device is Alpaor problems we consider to Adat statement in many models of the Dail such as Fault Diagnosis of Post card or card as they are called Tester



This code appears in the absence of a sense of Albordh processor and either a problem with the processor itself or in a circle

Solution ,, check processor .lmarafh circle and change any of them cause of the problem


This code appears in the case of non-Albordh Balkibord feeling often we see after any liquid poured it or when damaged

Solution ,, either clean it if possible, or change this fundamental solution


This code appears in the case of partial or total damage in Cable screen or Fellata

Cable installation solution ,, last


These tags appear in the case of non-Albordh Balramat feeling

Cleaning solution ,, banks Alramat ..tgier Alramat … Nutrition Examination own circle

modem_error_flash This code appears in the case of non-Albordh feeling Bacart modem

Solution ,, change another one compatible with the device


This code appears in the case of partial damage in one Alhibat on Albordh

Albordh solution ,, change or change the damaged gray hairs


This code appears if anything is corrupted connected in USB ports as as flash memory or hard disk

Solution ,, changed or repaired


This code appears in the case of non-Albordh feeling Bacart Alvija

Solution ,, changed or repaired

We wish from God to help and guide

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