Laptop Toshiba Satellite is light and not working power

Sooner or later a crash occurs as a result of the spill, so I advise to always go to a professional and do not run the machine and then naturally work to avoid such failures in the future, my Toshiba Satellite power does not work after opening the device found traces of liquid spill to desexualize resulting in the oxidation of certain circles in the beginning you clean desexualize and experience work power momentarily then stopped as a result of lack of effort 5vs either because of short in one of the circuits fed by open or element controls The existence of this effort, and track holidays found control circuit open. By resisting corrupt and described in the chart image and intense small short line between condenser and continued resistance by cutting result roasted region

toshiba schematic no display alexlaptoprepair

As explained by other resistance was changed the same value and condenser and broken line arrived in point of Tin.


And experience he device naturally, thankfully not something only his will
arabic source

لاب توب توشيبا ستالايت يضئ ولا يعمل باور Toshiba Satellite Won’t Power Up

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