[video] SVOD Programmer vs Vertyanov Programmer Compare

vertyanov vs svod programmer compare


Vertyanov JIG V3 programmer : https://ebay.to/2NHFa5E
SVOD PROGRAMMER : https://goo.gl/KJ6RMd

Laptop Repair Tools and Equipment

Laptop Repair Tools and Equipment



KB9012QF+EDID eeprom USB Programmer + keyboard tester VER 3

KB9012QF, KB9010/9012/9016/9022, MEC1609, NPCE288, NPCE388 USB Vertyanov JIG V3 programmer VER 3 for laptop repair 
+ LCD EDID programmator for LCD displays (LVDS 30pin + LVDS 40 pin cable included)
+ laptop keyboard tester 
translation for Russian buyers
Программатор от Сергея Вертьянова VER 3 (с форума notebook1),  версия платы 3.1+, версия программы 4.95  5.4 и выше
документация и программное обеспечение можете скачать сами с форума или доступно по запросу
если у Вас уже есть подобный программатор предыдущих серий, новая программа поддерживает и их после перепрошивки
мульты NUVOTON 288 388 NPCE288NA0DX NPCE288 NPCE388 в корпусе TQFP128 поддерживаются и без дополнительных плат
For service intended specialists only !
new VER 3 designed for writing and reading multicontrollers KB9012,  KB9010 / KB9022 /  IT8586E,  IT8585E, MEC1609, MEC1633L,
Nuvoton NPCE288NA0DX, NPCE388 (NO need ANY adapter !) but may work with external adapter 
intended to restore functionality of the laptop after replacing the KBC
new EC does not contain the firmware and should be written!
IT8585E – tested on X550LA
IT8586E – tested on  NM-A311
IT8587E – tested on  ZQK
IT8985E – tested on X551MA
Please use only original USB drivers and software !!! 
If you have an older version of programmer, you can free update FW to use the new version software (ask me or author to take it)
You can downloaded it also from forum notebook1 free ! 
software and some KBC firmwares is available on request who buys this item
You can program KB9012, MEC1609 IT85XX and same other ENE KBC via keyboard connector
You can program notebook LCD EDID eeprom
You can test most of laptop keyboards with or without PC (connect USB power only and jumper)

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