Solving the problem of “seconds” in laptops

Today, Dell laptop from modern models, which we’ll look inside the element causing several crashes, including the crash of “seconds” tells the client that the machine works for a few seconds without displaying any data on the screen and separate power. The problem is common in the Suspend phase and no item in this specific sample stage is the stage of alshibat connection and start the data processing stage, the problem might be from albios or alviga or processor or their departments,, etc and all processing services were examined even ship has changed alviga before I receive the machine.

dell inspiron turns on for few seconds then shuts off3 Of course, the best of these breakdowns use device mapper and work to measure signals task linking alshibat and some electronic elements which serve to restrict the place of holidays, a noted repeated damaged in more than one type of laptop and discover a damaged including the planned follow-up and measurement that tells you the item damaged by overheat when connecting the phase the Suspend power external hard sablai for several minutes and is AISI type Nuvoton number NCT7718 and shown in this picture

dell inspiron turns on for few seconds then shuts off2

You’ll find that there are models of devices from Dell, Toshiba, Sony to come on the holidays and the problem of this alaisi is sensitive or heat private ship alviga outer tie future procedure this greying and the future procedure for PCH by the IO. And lifting alaisi machine work normally and offset voltage abroad to another cooling Chamber. Thankfully, no nothing except by his will

dell inspiron turns on for few seconds then shuts off2

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